$1,000 Giveaway Update

Everyday from November 1st through November 7 we will post a way for you to enter our giveaways for that day.

Help us spread the word about our giveaways – send this page to your friends and teammates.

Nov 1 – post a review of a product on our webpage – you can review up to 10 products. Be sure to leave your first and last name on the review. The review must also contain at least 5 to 10 words. Reviews like Sweet! or These are awesome! Don’t count. Try to post something useful to someone that might be looking at buying this product. Okay to post positive or negative reviews. Just do not swear. Please only place 10 reviews during this week.

Prize: Choice of wrestling shoe – Estimated value is between $40 and $150. This is one of our major prizes.

Entry time frame – October 29 through November 7.

Visit WrestlingGear.Com and post a review on a product page.

Nov 2 – Simply join http://www.wrestlinggear.net – post a photo and at least one message – either an update or blog post or something. Get involved. We will pick one random winner for a singlet. You’ll pick the color and the size and we’ll try to give you your first choice. Everyone that has won these in the past has been super happy with them.

Nov 3 – Sign up for our WrestlingGear.Com catalog – it’s that easy. Winner from those that enter will get a singlet – you give us the size and color preferences (we will pick the singlet), also includes a Winter Hat and Cliff Keen Dry Fit WrestlingGear.Com shirt. Everything will ship when available.

Nov 5 – Today’s prize will be choice of 10 pair of wrestling kneepads (perfect for a coach) or a wrestling singlet or a Dry Fit Cliff Keen Wrestling shirt. We will select one person that leaves feedback about our site or their shopping experience with us. Here is where to leave your comments – in order to qualify to win you have to leave your name on the comment post. Web page to enter this giveaway. Kneepads will be picked from our available contest prize pool.

Nov 6 – Two singlets – you choose the sizes and top three color combinations – we’ll pick the singlet. Leave a comment under the thread started at FB.

Nov 7 – You can still join all the contests until Midnight tonight CST. Today’s give away will be three singlets – you give us the sizes and first color choices and we will try to give you your first choice. You can select a variety of sizes or all the same size. All you have to do is start to follow us on Twitter today. We will choose one winner and post it on our blog on Monday. http://www.twitter.com/jeffpape it’s that simple.

All prizes subject to availability. Singlets and Knee pads are going to be picked from our contest prize pool. You give us the sizes and colors and we will try to give you your first pick.

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5 Responses to “$1,000 Giveaway Update”


  1. jeffpape says:

    Winners Announced. If you are a winner, we do need certain stuff from you. In order to claim your prize, we will need to verify it’s you and we will need info from you. Contact us forms are on our website at – http://www.wrestlinggear.com

    1) Stephen Finocchiar – Choice of Shoes – post a comment on WrestlingGear.Com and then send us a contact us form with your address, size of shoes, and if you want to join our newsletter. Be sure to post the comment from the same computer you used to enter.

    2)Jared Lorenzen’s – WrestlingGear.Net – Singlet Winner. Send us your mailing address and singlet size and first three color combination choices. We’ll pick one. Contact us through WrestlingGear.Net

    3) Joseph Banks – Dry Fit Shirt, Winter Hat and Singlet. Your Dry Fit Shirt is still in production. Probably will be a few weeks before your prize ships. We need your t-shirt size and singlet size. Also need your first three color choices for color combinations.

    4) Derrick Durham – choice of ten knee pads, Dry Fit Shirt, or wrestling singlet. We need to know what you’d like. Will need sizes and color choices for the knee pads or singlet. Or if you would like the Dry Fit shirt – we will need t-shirt size. You have choice of one of the prizes above. For the knee pads, it’s designed for a team so give us a range of sizes and colors. Post a comment under our customer feedback page and then send us a contact us form on our website.

    5) Anibal Cruz – need singlets sizes, first three color choices and mailing address. Check your friend requests from Jeff Pape. Respond through there.

    6) Twitter Contest – see our FB page or twitter page to enter today – we had to re-do this contest. Winner was zgreen09 – send us your size or sizes of wrestling singlets you would like and the color combinations you would like. Send us this via twitter.

  2. Chad Whisenhunt says:

    WrestlingGear.com a wrestlers one stop shopping place!!!!

  3. Paula Venero says:

    Love your site so easy to shop on. And my wrestler son and daughter loves all the selections and pictures to choose from. Starting a new wrestling clun here in Inverness, FL so will be passing your site alomg to many new members. Thank you for your nice site. Citrus Wrestling Club/parent/board member

  4. Peter HandoJr says:

    Wrestlinggear.com is the best when it comes to quality murchandise and speedy service. I have done a lot of shopping on wrestlinggear.com and I would not want to shop for wrestling supplies off any other site!

  5. Stephanie McWhirter says:

    wretslinggear.com is the ONLY place to shop for wrestlers… Love this placeJ