Buy Wrestling Shoes Worry Free

Your Wrestling Shoes are Guaranteed To Fit

We want your wrestling shoes to fit like they were made for you. Each shoe has information on what size to order based on your most recently purchased gym shoe or sneaker size. Please review this information when placing your order. Do not use your current wrestling shoe to size a new pair. The majority of sizing errors result from customers placing orders based on their current wrestling shoe sizes. Our method almost universally works for customers that practice our recommendations.

In the event your shoes do not fit the way you would like them to, please send them back to us. Be sure to put the shoe box inside another box. Do not use the shoe box as the shipping container. Everything must be returned including, price tags, paper, etc. Shoes must not show any signs of being worn. We recommend trying them on in a clean area and taking them off immediately if you don't like the fit. Other than that, here is our 4-step process: 

1. Provide us the name on the original order, the order number, and let us know the shoe size you need. 
2. Be sure to include the address where you would like your replacement pair sent. 
3. We will email you a return label - allow one or two business days to receive the label. Also, you must print the label out within 24 hours of receiving it.
4. Once we receive your shoes back - allow one or two business days for processing and your package will be shipped back to you via Standard Shipping (allow 4 to 5 business days after shipment).

How Much Do Wrestling Shoes Cost?

Wrestling shoes vary in pricing. You can likely pick up a pair of old retired wrestling shoes, likely in a not so popular color for under $50. And these shoes likely will have been in the $60 to $100 price range before they were retired. Once these deals go down in price, they usually disappear pretty quickly.

Most current wrestling shoes cost between $50 to $75 for a starter pair of shoes. There really are not a ton of options at this price point. An entry level elite wrestling shoe will wind up costing you between $75 and $100. The most expensive pair of wrestling shoes used to cost between $100 and $125, but that is not the case any longer. Last year, we saw the most expensive shoes run between $150 to $200 a pair. Generally for the most expensive shoes, you are getting a lighter weight shoe made with better material.

How Are Wrestling Shoes Supposed to Fit?

This one will vary depending on who you talk to. If you ask another parent, you will get one answer. If you ask a couple coaches, chances are again you will get a couple different answers. How we address this question in the warehouse pick up section and when we get asked this question on the phone or online is - they should fit the way you want them to fit. So with that said, we have some wrestlers who like their shoes to fit so tight that blood hardly flows to their feet. Obviously this is an extreme. One issue you run into with this philosophy, you may blow out your shoes because you bought them too small.

The other extreme is to buy them too big. We see this with some customers that want to get a full year or two out of their wrestling shoes. On the big size, we suggest a max of two fingers in the toe. That is pretty big we feel and likely about the maximum we’d recommend. Generally, only do this for a wrestler who has started to hit puberty and you know is going to go up in size relatively quickly. Personally, we don’t recommend this approach as you could end up buying shoes that you may not grow into until season is over.

Somewhere in between is what we recommend. Some wrestlers (and coaches) don’t want any room in the toe, but this causes a problem when your wrestler grows even a little bit. We feel this makes sense for wrestlers that like a tighter than usual fit and are done growing - so think high school Seniors and college wrestlers. Normally, how we size in the warehouse pickup section is to allow one thumbs width in the toe on your bigger foot. Almost always, your wrestlers two feet will not be the same size. So work with your wrestlers bigger foot. This rule of “thumb” works great because it allows for a little comfort and growth.

How are Wrestling Shoes Made?

Typically, your state bylaws will require you to wear wrestling shoes when wrestling in competition. Really the only exception is if your wrestler has a bigger shoe size that can’t be found in a wrestling shoe. And even in that case, you’ll need to get a waiver or provide some documentation that says you can’t buy a wrestling shoe that fits your wrestler's foot. Otherwise, plan on buying a pair of wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes have some unique characteristics to look for, first make sure it’s a high-top shoe. Anything labelled a wrestling shoe from the major brands like ASICS, adidas and Nike should meet these requirements.

The next thing to figure out is if it has a lace guard mechanism, some shoes have them some do not. This one is not that big of a deal - you can always tape your wrestling shoes. The next thing to look for is the bottom. Again most shoes will work for most wrestlers. When you are starting out, I would not worry too much about the soles of the shoes. As you become a more experienced wrestler, you will find out what you like and don’t like. A wide variety of the shoes we carry you would have seen in the Senior Level Tournaments wrestled in by the best wrestlers in the World. So don’t worry too much about the bottom of the shoes.

And finally, the upper, if you have a wide foot, you’ll want to look at Nike Inflict wrestling shoes. And if you have a wide foot or a slightly high arch, stay away from anything with a zipper. Other than that, some wrestlers prefer a breathable mesh while others like a sythetic leather. As you become more experienced, you will find out what works for your foot. Many of our customers stay within the same brand or even model and purchase the same shoes year in and year out.

How do Nike wrestling shoes fit?

Generally, we recommend starting out with your normal gym shoe size. Don’t use last years wrestling shoes that have been sweated in and stretched out. Plus, they might be in a different brand or even the same brand but different model. Nike shoes generally run a half size small or even in the case of the Nike Inflicts, one size small. So if your normal gym shoe size is a 9.0, you would look for a size 9.5 or 10.0 in most Nike shoes. Don’t worry too much, every wrestling shoe we have on our site has a sizing information paragraph where we walk you through what size to order.

How do ASICS wrestling shoes fit?

ASICS shoes almost always run about a half size small. So if your wrestlers gym shoe or sneaker size is a 9.0, you would look at a size 9.5. And we even adjust our shoe sizing recommendations based on customer feedback so be sure to look at our sizing recommendations on each pair of wrestling shoes we sell.

How do adidas wrestling shoes fit?

Adidas wrestling shoes have been a little trickier to size as of late. In the past, they seem to run like ASICS which was about a half size small. So in the past, we almost always recommended adding a half size to your normal gym shoe size - so if you were a size 9.0 gym shoe, order a size 9.5. However, recently, we have seen some adidas shoes run true to size. So our best advice is what we have said above for the other brands, figure out what shoe you are looking for and then look for a paragraph on sizing information for that particular shoe.