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ASICS JB Elite 3

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The motto goes something to the tune of “look good, feel good, wrestle good”, and designing the JB Elite 3 wrestling shoe is Jordan Burroughs claim to fame, aside from being a multiple-time world c Read More

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ASICS JB Elite 3

The motto goes something to the tune of “look good, feel good, wrestle good”, and designing the JB Elite 3 wrestling shoe is Jordan Burroughs claim to fame, aside from being a multiple-time world champion and Olympic champion of course. Since we do have to focus on Jordan’s shoes, we’ll only give a brief run down of the accomplishments of the mastermind behind these shoes: Three-time D-I All-American and two-time national champion, basically the innovator of the blast double, Olympic and world champion, and king of mat swag. When designing the new JB Elite 3, Jordan knew he needed to replicate his powerful and aggressive wrestling style, while also creating a shoe that can keep up with every champions’ training routine.

The new JB Elite 3 brings to the table many much needed updates and improvements while still incorporating all the high-quality features of the past models into a completely reimagined design. Jordan worked hands on with the ASICS team and drew inspiration from his first signature shoes, bringing back the famous clear soles and metallic gold colorway that blasted the shoes onto the big stage. Jordan took great pride in the clear bottoms of the original JB Elite that featured his logo and his “Dream It, Do It” slogan. The new shoe goes back to the original design (without the sole falling off part that plagued the pioneer) and is made of extremely durable rubber. The ASICS outsole is a wildly popular split sole that features two distinct and familiar traction pods that allow for maximum grip while also allowing for insanely fast footwork and direction changes, just like Burroughs himself. To have inhumanely blast doubles you need a shoe that has freakishly good grip and flexibility. The biggest change to the JB Elite 3 is the updated upper that features a very smooth and nonporous finish allowing for louder colors, modern designs, and most importantly, style points. With better materials and build, it greatly increases the durability and breathability of the entire shoe. Composed of a single-layer mesh underlay it allows for elite level breathability and less sweaty feet to weigh you down. Finishing off the top of the shoe is a new lace garage system that brandishes Jordan’s signature logo, replacing the previous models pocket system, which just wasn’t cutting it. This means no more laces falling out of pockets during the heat of battle, or hastily done tape jobs. Lastly, hitting the scene with multiple different colorways (take a peek at those new white and gold colors), every color will be a smash hit.  

It takes a lot of hard-work, patience, failure, experimentation, and innovation, to become a true legend in the sport of wrestling. Hardly anyone understands this better than Jordan Burroughs himself. Coincidently, it takes many of the same qualities to make a legendary wrestling shoe. Jordan and ASICS both take great pride in putting out the best products available, that are built to last. With a shoe endorsed by the master of blast doubles himself, what’s not to love?




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